About Cabrillo

Cabrillo Technologies applies the best practices and architectures from a variety of industries to the tactical networking environment. We recognize that the commercial versions of Cloud Computing, Data Science, Agile Management, SCADA networks, Server/Storage/Desktop/Network Virtualization, and other technology architectures may need to be adapted to solve the challenges faced in tactical environments; an understanding of how to apply those architectures to the unique aspects of a tactical network is critical.

Cabrillo brings a team whose expertise spans both commercial best practices and afloat Navy experience. We balance the need to advance technology with an understanding of how the tactical is unique. Cabrillo is working with industry partners such as EMC2, IBM, NetApp, VMware, and McAfee, as well as niche companies (Tracewell, VMEM, Whiptail, and Crystal) to identify the right architecture for your mission.

As a Business Group of McKean Defense, Cabrillo Technologies has the solid foundation of a well established company with proven processes and procedures, but also the agility and excitement of a smaller niche venture. We are ready to meet your needs.

About Lori Ventimiglia

Lori Ventimiglia is the president of Cabrillo Technologies. She is no stranger to shipboard and shore based tactical networks and the lifecycle engineering challenges of fielding new afloat capabilities such as blade technologies and providing afloat and shore ISEA support. In addition, Lori has a proven track record for understanding client needs, building and mobilizing a technical workforce, and embracing industry partners who can be part of delivering transformational solutions.

Previously, Lori spent 16 years as a Senior Systems Engineer supporting commercial and SSC Pacific network integration including design engineering, sustainment, Integrated Logistics Support, Configuration Management, help desk, and fleet support. Lori’s platform experience includes ISNS, SCI-Networks, ADNS and CANES.

Lori’s management skills are also well established, with more than 25 years of industry experience. She had a long career at SAIC, and earlier roles at the Naval Research Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. During the last ten years, she has successfully captured more than $550M in contracts. Lori has partnered with a number of commercial and defense contractors such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Booz Allen and Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics. Ultimately – her business grew to over $60M in annual revenue. Cabrillo is now benefiting from that experience and growing under her guidance.